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Centre for Research on the Public Sector

ECONPUBBLICA was founded in 1980 to promote the analysis of the economics of the public sector. The main research areas of the centre are: welfare state, taxation and fiscal federalism, gender economics and policies, income and wealth distribution, migration. ECONPUBBLICA develops independent academic research on these areas and it provides to both public and private institutions policy analysis and advice on issues related to the economics of the public sector. ECONPUBBLICA researchers publish their work in prestigious international journals and are involved in national and international research groups.

ECONPUBBLICA participated in various research programs promoted by Italian and international institutions like European Commission, World Bank, Italian Ministry of Finance, Italian Treasury, CONSOB (Italian Security and Exchange Commission), CNR (Italian National Council for Scientific Research), IRER (Regional Research Institute of Lombardia). ECONPUBBLICA also co-operates with other Italian and international research centres.

ECONPUBBLICA is a founding member of the International Network of Tax Research (INTR) which was launched in 2005 by a group of research institutions and the OECD. The INTR aims to promote a global view of tax issues and to encourage input from developing as well as developed countries in its research projects.

ECONPUBBLICA runs a working paper series to disseminate the results of its research, and a short notes series to contribute on hot issues in the policy debate.

From 2009 and 2014 Econpubblica hosted the editorial team of the Review of Income and Wealth.

Starting from June 2014, Econpubblica has merged with the Dondena Centre on Social Dynamics and Public Policy.

Working papers, material and information on events pre-June 2014 are kept on the Econpubblica website.

For current activities, please visit the webpage of the new Dondena Centre on Social Dynamics and Public Policy. The Welfare State and Taxation Unit covers the research issues which were previously at the core of Econpubblica.

4 Dicembre 2013, 10.00 am: ECONPUBBLICA, DONDENA, Terre des Hommes, CISMAI
"Tagliare sui bambini e' davvero un risparmio?"
impatto della mancata prevenzione della violenza sui bambini sulla spesa pubblica


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Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta have published the book "Donne in Attesa" - Egea (click here for more info).

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