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     153. Spencer Bastani, Soren Blomquist, Luca Micheletto
      "Public provision of private goods, tagging and optimal income   
      taxation with heterogeneity in needs"
      November 2010-CESifo working paper no 3275

     152. Roberto Artoni
       "Vincoli esterni, Stato e grandi imprese nello sviluppo dell'economia 

      Italiana: uno sguardo di lungo periodo"
      October 2010

     151. Spencer Bastani, Soren Blomquist, Luca Micheletto
"The welfare gains of age related optimal income taxation"  
      October 2010-CESifo working paper no 3225

   150. Luca Pensieroso, Alessandro Sommacal
     "Economic development and the family structure: from
     the Pater Familias to the nuclear family"
     October 2010

   149. Paola Profeta, Riccardo Puglisi, Simona Scabrosetti
     "Does democracy affect taxation and government spending?
     evidence from developing countries"
     Published in: Journal of Comparative Economics (2013), 41:684-717
     September 2010

Forthcoming: Journal of Comparative Economics

   148. Roberto Artoni, Alessandra Casarico
    "The duties of the sovereign: a brief guide to the literature"
    July 2010. Published on: Politica Economica no3-2010

    147. Helmuth Cremer, Firouz Gahvari,  Pierre Pestieau
"Accidental bequests: a curse for the rich and a boon for the poor"
     JulY 2010

    146. Maria Monti, Alessandro Santoro
"Stratification and between-group inequality: a new approach
      to measurement"
      January 2010






























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