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  145. Chiara Gigliarano, Conchita Dambrosio
     "Public health transfers in kind: measuring the distributional effects in Italy"
     October 2009.


  144. Caterina Ferrario, Alberto  Zanardi
     "What happens to interregional redistribution as decentralisation goes on?
     Evidence from the Italian NHS" 
October 2009.


  143. Pamela Campa, Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta
     "Gender culture and gender gap in employment"
     Published in CESifo Economic Studies 2011, 57(1):156-182

  142. Lidia Ceriani
     "A Path-Dependent Poverty Measure"
     July 2009.


  141. Paolo Verme
     "Happiness, Freedom and Control"
     July 2009.

     Published in: Journal f Economic Behavior and Organization. Vol. 71, Issue 2, August


  140. Simone Ghislandi
     "Competition and the Reference Pricing Scheme for pharmaceuticals"
     April 2009.


  139.Alessandra Casarico, Paola Profeta
     "Uguaglianza di genere e sistemi pensionistici: aspetti critici e  prospettive per
February 2009.

     Published in: Studi e Note di Economia, Anno XIV, n.3-2009, pp.293-315.



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