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  138. Vincenzo Galasso, Roberta Gatti, Paola Profeta
"Investing for the old age: Pensions, children and savings",
     December 2008.

     Published in: International Tax and Public finance 2009, 16(4) pp.538-559.


  137. Roberto Artoni, Alessandra Casarico
"Il ruolo economico dello Stato nel XXI secolo"
     November 2008.

     Published in: Enciclopedia Treccani XXI Secolo, pp. 519-528.


  136. Fabrizio Balassone, Marco Camilletti
     Veronica Grembi, Alberto Zanardi
"Evaluating the Efficiency of the Italian Penitentiary System"
     November 2008.

  135. M. Monti and A. Santoro
     "A note on between-groups inequality with an application to genders"
     October 2008.

     Published in: Journal of Income Distribution,  18, 3-4, 2009.


  134. Alessandra Casarico and Paola Profeta
     "Female Education and Employment: A Waste of Talent"
     October 2008.


  133. Frank A. Cowell and Carlo V. Fiorio
     "Inequality Decompositions . A. Reconciliation
     October 2008.


  132. Luca Micheletto
     "Optimal nonlinear redistributive taxation and public good provision in an 
     economy with Veblen effects " 
     September 2008.


  131. Alessandra Michelangeli, Eugenio Peluso, Alain Trannoy
     "Detecting a Robust Change in Wealth Concentration without the    
     Knowledge of the Wealth Distribution"  
July 2008.


  130. Soren Blomquist, Vidar Christiansen, Luca Micheletto
     "Public Provision of Private Goods and Nondistortionary Marginal Tax Rates"
     July 2008.

      Published in: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2 , 2010, 1-27


  129. Alessandra Casarico, Alessandro Sommacal
     "Labor income taxation, human capital and growth: the role of child care"
     July 2008.


  128. Michel le Breton, Alessandra Michelangeli, Eugenio Peluso
     "Wage Discrimination Measurement: In Defense of a Simple but  
     Informative Statistical Tool"
July 2008.


   127. Michela Gamba, Andrea Goldstein
      "The gender dimension of business elites: Italian women directors since 1934"
      May 2008.

      Published in: Journal of Modern Italian Studies, Vol. 14, N. 2, June 2009.

   126. Alessandra Michelangeli, Alberto Zanardi
      "Hedonic Price Indexes for the Housing Market in Italian Cities"
      March 2008.















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