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Working Paper Abstract

117. "Grossing-up and validation issues in an Italian tax-benefit
           microsimulation model"
           by Francesco D'Amuri, Carlo V. Fiorio


The aim of this paper is to give a detailed description of TABEITA, the tax-benefit
Micro Simulation Model (MSM) developed and mantained at Econpubblica (Center
for Research on the Public Sector, Bocconi University) for the analysis of the redistri-
butive impact of the Italian Personal  Income Tax. After a brief general introduction
on the scope and main features of MSMs, all the main characteristics of TABEITA are
discussed. Particular emphasis is posed on issues that are crucial for the reliability
of a MSM: the grossing-up procedure and the validation of model outputs. A sample
simulation of the 2004 and 2005 PIT reforms are reported in order to show
one of the possible applications of the MSM. A concise guide for TABEITA users
is provided in the appendix.

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